An Intensive Cellular Repair Lotion with the same unique ingredients as our Skin Treatment

Celle’s Repair Lotion uses the same active ingredients as the Skin Treatment and has been re-engineered into a luxurious and intensive full body lotion. The rejuvenating formula helps to emolliate dry skin, contains Resveratrol, that helps strengthen the skin's natural defense mechanism, promoting the elasticity and suppleness of the skin from within. Even on first application skin feels renewed and revitalised, and both circulation and firmness are dramatically improved. Apply daily, particularly on troubled areas where repair is needed most. Net weight 6.8 fl.oz/200 ml.

How the Intensive Repair Lotion benefits your skin

  • Acts directly on the cells by supporting DNA repair.
  • Stimulates new collagen production and elastin, reducing the appearance of ageing skin.
  • Provides intensive protection against environmental causes of skin ageing.
  • Whilst using the treatment, the skin feels immediately softer and firmer, with a silky touch and exceptionally smooth any younger appearance.
  • Recommended as a daily beauty treatment for those areas affected most by the ageing process.


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