Celle's Active Ingredients

Every ingredient in Celle is supported by peer-reviewed scientific studies published in the most prestigious journals by leading research organizations. Celle does not contain any potentially damaging chemicals such as PEGs, Carbomers, Parabens, Artificial Fragrances or Allergens, that have been scientifically linked with chronic illnesses and other harmful side effects.

Celle collaborates closely with Biotivia scientists. Biotivia is recognized as the premier botanical longevity research and development specialist.





Active Edelweiss Progenitor Cells
In 2009, scientists in Switzerland succeeded in cloning the Swiss national plant, the Mountain Edelweiss. Used in extremely costly treatments in the 1950s this formerly endangered plant contains collagen growth stimulators, which can give your skin a youthful and firm complexion. Months of collaboration and technical development lead to the augmentation of the Celle product range with live, bioactive Edelweiss cells.


Pearl Extract
Pearl Extract, a key ingredient in costly Asian skin treatments for centuries, contains a unique blend of amino acids, which are the basic building blocks of cells and collagen. With dozens of minerals, including calcium, magnesium and zinc, Pearl Extract gives the skin a glowing and youthful appearance.


Pomegranate, Apple Extract and CoQ10
Many of us are aware of the benefits of fruit extracts and antioxidants for health and medical applications. However, to achieve concentrations high enough to be truly effective, the scientists behind Celle had to invent new cosmetic manufacturing technologies. Celle has perfected the ratio of fruit extracts such as Pomegranate and Apple Extract levels combined with CoQ10, also known as Ubiquinone. The result is a Skin Collection that helps to repair damage caused by UV exposure. Unlike SPF based creams that only block the sun, the Celle formula works within the cell’s natural repair mechanism to create far longer lasting and more profound improvements.


Vitamin C and Vitamin E Complex
Vitamin C helps to plump up thinning skin by increasing the production of new collagen, while Vitamin E possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which help to protect cells from free radical damage and improve the skin’s moisture retention and radiance.
Celle's Ingredients