Celle brings dermal health and lasting improvements to all skin types.

Our focus is on the quality and concentration of our ingredients, the evidence of science and the complete satisfaction of our customers. We are wholly dedicated to sound research and scientific innovation. We create the most effective and rewarding skin treatments that inspire commitment and confidence in our brand.

Twenty years ago, Celle’s parent company Biotivia LLC was established as an innovative manufacturer of natural botanicals to the beauty and nutraceutical industry. At this time, a particular interest emerged in a polyphenolic compound called Resveratrol, which has demonstrated astonishing DNA repair and anti-ageing properties. Discovered in the grapes of red wine, Resveratrol has shown extraordinary health benefits. Perhaps the most remarkable attribute is its ability to augment the body’s natural cellular repair and rejuvenation processes.

Years of extensive research enabled Biotivia to uniquely solubilise Resveratrol and combine it with Edelweiss progenitor cells, CoQ10, Hexapeptides, Pearl Extract, Vitamin C & E and other crucial ingredients creating Celle – the Advanced DNA Rejuvenation Collection. Each Celle product is designed to help correct time accrued DNA damage by stimulating genetic repair and restoring the skin’s natural regeneration process.